TRaC’s EMC, Environmental, Radio, Safety and Telecoms testing and analysis service is available to help businesses validate their products.

Compliance with national and international standards is essential for manufacturers and suppliers to maintain credibility with customers. TRaC provides a complete and streamlined approval process to meet all of your EMC, Environmental, Radio, Safety and Telecoms testing & analysis needs.

Our highly qualified and experienced staffs are able to provide testing consultancy and support throughout the development cycle that reduce the risk of products failing certification testing.

We are an active participant with European and international committees to develop standardised test methods which ensures we are fully up-to-date with the correct, most applicable, standards.

TRaC provide an extensive range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and EMC consultancy services, from pre-compliance to full EMC testing.
TRaC’s environmental testing ensures a product can withstand the environment within which it is to operate, be stored and transported.
TRaC provide a complete process for radio testing, certification and approval requirements for over 140 countries.
TRaC Safety Testing is a leading provider of electrical safety testing and certification of electrical products to ensure full compliance with Europe, North America and Worldwide electrical product safety requirements.
TRaC’s extensive range of telecoms testing and telecoms consultancy services is used by many of the world’s largest telecoms manufacturers. TRaC’s Telecom Testing will ensure your products comply with all essential regulatory requirements.
ATEX Testing of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (or hazardous locations), made up of gases, vapours, mists and dust, provides a full range of services to the suppliers of equipment for use in hazardous locations.