Telecoms Testing

TRaC’s extensive range of telecoms testing and telecoms consultancy services is used by many of the world’s largest telecoms manufacturers. TRaC’s Telecom Testing will ensure your products comply with all essential regulatory requirements.

TRaC's comprehensive telecom testing services are supported by a full regulatory solution covering Radio, EMC, Safety and Approvals for global market access.  

Analogue - Testing against regulatory and non-regulatory requirements for market access (e.g. Simple telephones, Modems, Facsimile machines)  

Digital - Testing against regulatory and non-regulatory requirements for market access (e.g.ISDN telephones, BRI/PRI modules, PABX requirements)

Broadband - Interoperability testing against Broadband Forum standards for all xDSL technologies and the following product types (e.g. CPE modems, IAD’s, DSLAMs for TR-067,TR-100 and TR-069 (PD-128) Testing for regulatory bodies such as ICASA and Telepermit against the ITU-T standards and country specific requirements. Country specific frequency plan testing (ANFP)

Acoustic testing and Voice Quality - Testing Voice quality on handset telephony and IP based systems to ensure Quality of Service (QoS)

NetworkTesting against specific Network requirements for network deployment. TRaC also assist with network specific requirements for product rollouts  

Telecom certification services include: 

Telecom services include:

  • Preparation of test plans covering the essential requirements to demonstrate compliance with relevant EU directives, international standards or approval requirements
  • Test reports which can be used for supporting evidence in response to Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Telecoms testing of a vast range of telecom technologies.

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