Analogue Testing, Radio Testing | PBX Testing, PSTN Testing
TRaC delivers a comprehensive range telecoms validation and approval services to manufacturers of telecommunications equipment in order to meet the legislative, national and international product compliance and qualification standards required for market entry and safe end use.

Our testing, validation and approvals give our customers confidence in product safety, product reliability, product interoperability and compliance with essential legal requirements before the product goes into service.

Telecoms testing

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Performance includes tests such as Send Loudness Rating (SLR), Receive Loudness Rating (RLR), Sidetone Masking Rating (STMR), Distortion, Noise and Acoustic shock and voice quality. Typical Standards:

Country Standard
Europe TBR10, TBR38
UK BS 6317
AUS AS/ACIF S004: 2004, AS/ACIF S004: 2006
NZ PTC200, PTC220
South Africa DPT-TE-001, DPT-SWS-001

Analogue Testing

TRaC provides analogue telecoms testing services for many voiceband products, from simple telephones, modems, Caller Line Identity (CLI) and fax machines, to complex Private Branch eXchanges (PBX).

Country Standard
Europe TBR15, TBR17,  TBR21
NZ PTC-200, PTC 220
US TIA-968-A
South Africa DPT-SWS-001
Canada CS-03

Digital Testing

Testing included in this service include ISDN, PDH and SDH/SONET testing. Standards include:

Country Standard
Europe< TBR3, TBR4, TBR12, TBR13, TBR24
UK PD7024, PD7026
AUS S016, S031, S038
NZ TNA115, TNA117
US TIA-968-A
International G.703, G.707, G.823, G.825, G.957>


Country Standard
Europe TS 101 388, TS 101 135, France Telecom, ST/FTR&D/7670 Deutsche Telekom, 1 TR 112
UK British Telecom SIN346, ND1602
US T1.413, TIA-968-A
International G.992.1, G.992.2, G992.3, G.992.5, G.993.2

Radio testing

Many telecoms products incorporate a radio product as well as the traditional telecoms systems such as PSTN or ISDN. TRaC provides radio testing of the radio module as well as all other applicable testing.  These modules are typically Bluetooth, DECT or WLAN but are not restricted to these technologies. Typical standard testing include:

Product Standard
DECT EN 301 406, 47CFR Part15 Subpart D, RSS-213
WLAN EN 300 328, FCC 15.247
SRD EN 300 220, EN 300 330 and EN 300 330

EMC Testing

EMC testing is an integral part of any compliance program and is a legal requirement in many countries. TRaC provide the following EMC testing for telecom products:

Country Standard
Europe EN 55022, EN 55024
US FCC pt 15b
International VCCI, ICASA

Environmental Testing and Analysis

Some products are required to perform in dynamic environments or adverse conditions whilst others are expected to operate reliably following transportation or storage. Such conditions may include exposure to vibration, temperature, humidity, dust, solar etc. or a combination of these. TRaC can simulate the defined environmental conditions to ascertain products reliability. TRaC can provide a comprehensive facility for designers to evaluate and qualify the behaviour and performance of their products by subjecting them to the following controlled test conditions:

Typical standards that we offer testing to are:

Standard Scope
BS EN 60068 series Environmental Testing
ETSI 300 019 series Environmental conditions and environmental tests for telecommunications equipment

Safety testing

TRaC's Safety division is fully accredited to meet worldwide safety testing and compliance, we provide:

  • Safety testing and certification of electrical and electronic equipment to international and European safety standards
  • Pre-compliance evaluations that identify problem areas early in the design stage, to reduce the need for potentially expensive modifications

Service provided by TRaC:

  • TRaC can perform safety testing for telecoms products to EN/IEC 60950
  • TRaC are a notified body for the LVD
  • TRaC are a CBTL for safety testing
  • IECEE CB scheme for safety
  • A route for NRTL safety testing in the US

TRaC can also provide bespoke and performance safety testing. Typical Standards:

Country Standard
Europe EN 60950
US NRTL management UL, CSA. Metlabs, Wyle
International IEC 60950

Test reports

Telecom test reports are more involved than most "commercial" reports due to the complex equipment under test. Therefore, telecom test reports require a very professional approach with careful attention to detail.

At TRaC we acknowledge the requirement for speedily generated test reports. Under normal circumstances reports are generated within two weeks. However we do offer a report generation service within 2-3 days if required.

TRaC test reports are respected and accepted by organisations and governments all around the world, and are seen as a mark of quality and expertise.

Additional services

  • Notified Body for RTTE, LVD and EMC Directive
  • Telecoms Certification Body for Telecoms for US
  • Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for Japan

TRaC's approvals team can help customers expand their product into the global markets.