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Solar Heating Testing

TRaC is the perfect partner to assist manufacturers with Solar Heating Testing.

We have specialist solar heating test cells designed to test the response temperatures within the product.

Our solar heating facility is suitable for testing specimens in accordance with the following specifications:

  • BS EN 60068-2-9:2000
  • BS EN 60068-2-5:2000
  • MIL STD 810F method 505.4  

The maximum surface and internal temperatures attained by the specimen will depend on:

  • Temperature of the surrounding air
  • Radiation intensity
  • Air velocity
  • Test duration
  • The thermal properties of the specimen

To learn more about Solar Heating Testing and to see how we can help, email your specification and requirements to, enter your details into the blue form or call us on the number at the top right hand corner of this page.