Sand & Dust Testing

At our Warwick site, TRaC has a purpose built facility for the simulation of sand and dust conditions that may be experienced by a component.

This includes the capability to simulate driving / blowing sand or dust with a calibrated zone of 200mm diameter in which a component would experience the full effects of the driving / blowing sand or dust.

The sand and dust used by TRaC for this environmental testing is certified to industry standards for both composition and particle size.

Our accreditation for sand and dust testing includes to DEF STAN 00-35, DEF STAN 07-55, MIL STD 810 and RTCA DO 160 standards.

Our performance capabilities are as follows:

Max Working Space (m) Temperature Range (°C) Dust Concentration (g/m3) Maximum Velocity (m/s)
1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 +20 to +70 0.1 to 20 40