Safety Testing

TRaC Safety Testing is a leading provider of electrical safety testing and certification of electrical products to ensure full compliance with Europe, North America and Worldwide electrical product safety requirements.

TRaC Safety Testing provides a comprehensive range of safety testing, assessment and certification routes for manufacturers, designers, importers, exporters and distributors of equipment to ensure they fulfil their legal obligations and demonstrate full compliance with national and international safety requirements.

TRaC Safety Testing is a National Certification Body (NCB) and Certification Body Test Laboratory (CBTL) under the IECEE CB scheme. This ensures that a safety test suite with suitable national deviations results in one test report for access to international markets via both these IEC schemes.

EU Directives and CE marking of machinery and equipment for export into the European Union and worldwide markets is an increasingly important area for most manufacturers, involving a combination of the following safety testing and assessment, available from TRaC:

Electrical Safety Testing

  • Low Voltage Directive (Electrical Safety)
  • IECEE CB certification
  • Radiocommunications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive
  • General Product Safety

Machinery Safety Testing

  • Machinery Safety Directive
  • Noise Emissions of Outdoor Equipment Directive

TRaC is a Notified Body for a number of the key Directives including LVD, Machinery, EMC, RTTE and ATEX. This enables TRaC to assist should a formal conformance procedure be applicable to a given Directive. 

Ensuring your product meets all applicable safety directives requires a significant amount of documentation to accompany test reports. TRaC provides turnkey solutions and guides you through the process to gain certification from test planning to final issue of a Declaration of Conformity.

TRaC provide safety certification covering IECEE CB scheme and NRTL safety for North America.

You make a safe product - we help you prove it with TRaC Safety Testing!