TRaC has worked on a variety of rail projects over the years with projects covering both physical testing and simulation analysis.

Typical projects include, EMC testing, safety assessment, impact analysis, thermal analysis together with shock and vibration as well as radio approval requirements for wireless devices. The TRaC team has experience of testing and assessing sub-assemblies as well whole vehicle structures for the rail industries. TRaC can assist you with understanding and addressing the regulatory requirements for world-wide markets and also with the contractual test and assessment requirements mandated by your customers.

Common tests required;

  • Radiated & conducted emissions
  • Flicker
  •  Magnetic immunity
  • Radiated RF field immunity/susceptibility
  • Electrical fast burst transients (EFT/B)
  • Surges
  • Conducted RF immunity
  • Voltage dips & interruptions
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Harmonic current emissions

TRaC offers testing to the following standards applicable for the rail industry:

TRaC Services Industry Specific Standards Offered
EMC EN50121-x series 
RIA 12 
RIA 18
Environmental IEC 61373 (Previously BRB/LUL/RIA Spec No 20) BS EN 50155 BRB/LUL/RIA Spec No 13 BR 967
Radio EN301489-x series Bluetooth Standard EN 300 328 EN 300 220 EN 300 330 EN 300 440
Safety EN60950 EN61010
Telecoms n/a


TRaC's Environmental Test Services

  • Pre Qualification Advice
  • Modelling and Analysis
  • UKAS Accredited to ISO 17025
  • Formal Qualification Testing
    • Dynamic Testing
      • Vibration, Shock, Bump
      • Strength, Handling
      • Transportation and Bounce
      • Acceleration
    • Climatic testing
      • Temperature, humidity, Altitude
      • Driving sand & Dust, IP
      • Salt Corrosion
      • Solar heating
      • Fluid Contamination

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