North America

Thinking about importing into North America? Here are some things you may need to know.

Our speed and expertise in managing the approvals process ensures that you gain the competitive advantage and your product gets to market faster. The tables below can assist you in finding out what testing, regulations and certifications your product may need to be accepted into North America.

North America

USA Canada Haiti


  Regulator Mandatory Testing Accepted Route
EMC Requirement Federal Communications Commission (FCC) FCC Depending on Product Validation, Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Certification is required
Safety (Electrical) Requirement Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) UL (or equivalent standards including USA deviations) Certification for NRTL Marking (mandatory for some products)
Radio Requirement FCC FCC FCC Certification
Explosive Atmosphere Requirement HAZLOC Required HAZLOC Certification
Telecoms Requirement FCC FCC ACTA Certification

Please be aware in the USA, NRTL Marking is not strictly necessary for products sold for domestic use, however due to health and safety law in the USA it is required for products used in the workplace. Many distributors will not accept products regardless of the intended place of use without NRTL approval. We can assist you by offering the MET Mark as NRTL approval.


  Regulator Mandatory Testing Accepted Route
EMC Requirement Interference Causing Equipment Standard (ICES) Reports relevent to ICES Standards (or equivalent) Required Delaration of Conformity (DoC)
Safety (Electrical) Requirement Standards Council of Canada (SCC) UL (or equivalent including Canadian deviations) Certification (usally done in combination with USA NRTL)
Radio Requirement Industry Canada (IC) Reports to Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) IC Certification
Telecoms Requirement IC CS03 IC Certification

Please be aware for IC (radio) approval a representative in Canada is required, both the applicant and the representative have to be registered with IC before submission. Canadian SCC (Safety) approval is mandatory for all electrical equipment.


  Regulator Mandatory Testing Accepted Route
EMC Requirement N/A N/A N/A
Safety (Electrical) Requirement N/A N/A N/A
Radio Requirement Conseil National des Telecommunications (CONATEL) EU Test Reports & In Country Testing CONATEL Certification
Telecoms Requirement CONATEL EU Test Reports & In Country Testing CONATEL Certification

Please be aware the modular approval route is available in Haiti.