MET Laboratories & TRaC

Working out of MET Laboratories in Baltimore MD and Austin TX, TRaC provides an IECEx approved Explosive Atmosphere Test service to US and Canadian customers.

We have extended the scope of our ExTL (Explosive Atmosphere Test Laboratory) status under the IECEx, by providing technical governance to all IECEx test and inspection activities carried out at MET’s Baltimore and Austin testing facilities, both of which have successfully passed the stringent technical auditing demanded by IECEx. The TRaC ExTL at MET now provides certified IECEx testing for the following explosive atmosphere standards:

MET and TRaC help US and Canadian clients to access new markets, simplifying the compliance process.

IEC and IECExWe tailor IECEx, ATEX and HazLoc test plans to give global product testing and certification that eliminates the need for most in-country testing, reduces the requirement for multiple factory inspections and significantly reduces the duplication of cost and time-to-market for our clients.

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