The IECEx deals with equipment that operates in any environment where there is a risk of explosion.

Using an internationally recognised certification system like IECEx is imperative in order to reduce unnecessary costs associated with duplication of testing and assessment. It helps companies to market their products internationally and forms a clear basis for risk management.

We can help you by offering IECEx services including the capability to test and certify equipment, which enables it to be sold in any IECEx participating countries. Please see table below.

Australia Brazil Canada China Croatia Czech Republic
Denmark Finland France Germany Hungary Israel
India Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland Romania Russia Singapore
Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom USA        

The IECEx operates alongside existing certification schemes such as the European ATEX product directive for hazardous location equipment. TRaC is qualified in both ATEX and IECEx systems and can help you construct a single test certification programme that accommodates any additional testing.

For a certificate to be issued under the IECEx system, the product must undergo a rigorous test programme as well as an on-going audit process of the manufacturer’s own system and methodologies. We understand this is a difficult and challenging process and can provide you with a comprehensive service that comprises all the elements an IECEx equipment manufacturer needs to take a product to the global market.