IECEE CB Scheme & Approvals

The IECEE CB scheme can enable you to gain national certification in over 50 countries.

Being part of the IECEE CB scheme ensures your electrical and electronic products meet international safety standards and can be readily accessed and accepted in international markets. The scheme enables manufacturers to demonstrate third party conformity to relevant international safety standards and once awarded, your certificate can be used to gain national certification in over 50 countries; in some regions it may be accepted as sole proof of safety compliance.

IECEE CB Scheme Participating Countries:-

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain
Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Canada China Columbia Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary India
Indonesia Ireland Israel Japan
Kenya Korea, Republic of Malaysia Mexico
Netherlands Norway Pakistan Poland
Portugal Romania Russian Federation Saudi Arabia
Singapore Slovenia Serbia South Africa
Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand
Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom

CB testing addresses most CE Mark requirements for safety and also means that you only have to test your product once at a single location. These results are then accepted by any of the 60 receiving bodies across the globe. Generally, once your CB test certificate has been issued, no further testing is required beyond specific national differences.

As a National Certification Body (NCB), TRaC can test your products under the scheme at one of our six testing laboratories here in the United Kingdom. We can provide internationally recognised certificates based on testing from any associated CB scheme testing laboratories (CBTL), and we also have a testing partner and CBTL in Shenzhen Morlab, China.