Explosive Atmospheres Testing for Aviation

Aircraft re fuelling
TRaC works with aviation manufacturers to produce and design equipment that can operate in fuel-air explosive atmospheres commonly found with aircraft fuels at ground level.

We can assist manufacturers of aviation by applying tests to all equipment designed for use in the vicinity of fuel-air explosive atmospheres associated with aircraft including data recorders, switch gear and hand-held units.

There are three types of common tests within section 9 of RTCA DO-160F. These tests apply to specific categories of equipment (A, E and H) the categories that are suitable for use in three environments I, II and III (the environments determine the severity of the tests). We can assist you with the following tests:

  • Category A test – This tests the effect of an explosion of an atmosphere within equipment and the ability of the design to prevent this explosion spreading outside the enclosure. Tests are conducted under normal and fault conditions
  • Category E test – This test ensures that temperatures and sparking parts do not ignite an atmosphere under normal conditions
  • Categories H test – This is a test to prove that there are no high temperatures that could cause an explosion under normal operating conditions

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