EMC Testing Services

TRaC are market leaders in EMC testing and qualification services. The services we offer support a range of EMC contractual and legislative requirements around the world.

Legislative and Contractual EMC Test Services

Due to our geographical location the EU market is the largest.  As such CE/e-marking makes up a large part of our commercial EMC testing services. Regardless of the type of product we EMC test, they are approved are designed with a worldwide market in mind. For this reason our EMC testing facilities and reports are approved and accepted in many countries around the world, minimising EMC testing costs when looking to gain access to these different markets.

As a UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited organisation we rely on mutual recognition agreements (MRA's) with other equivalent government's departments to provide some market access (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).  Through our approvals group we have also have gained acceptance directly.

Contractual EMC Testing

Much of the EMC testing work we perform is based on legislative requirements. There are however significant industries that we serve where additional contractual EMC testing requirements are imposed. In the defence industry for example, high levels of contractual EMC testing are imposed. There are contractual tests (DEF STAN's, MIL STD's, AECTP 500 series etc) which, on the whole, are more onerous than legislative EMC testing as the implications of product not working properly due to EMC effects are far greater.

In addition to defence and aerospace EMC testing, we are involved in EMC testing for other governments departments. Additionally we provide EMC testing and qualification services to the police, Lloyds Register (for ships), vehicle manufacturers own specifications and industry codes of practice (products where normally money is exchanged).

Linking Contractual and Legislative EMC Tests

Where manufacturers need to comply with both types of EMC testing, TRaC are able to assist by deciding how a product can be EMC tested in such a way that both sets of requirements can be met in a single program. This has significant benefits to manufacturers as it reduces test time (and hence cost), whilst bringing the product to market sooner. This service is mainly applicable to defence, automotive and government products where compliance needs to be demonstrated for different purposes.