EMC testing for Lighting (Luminaires)

EMC for electrical/electronic items intended for lighting purposes is covered by the standards EN55015 (EMC emissions) and EN61547 (EMC Immunity).

These standards are applicable to lighting equipment such as lamps, lighting auxiliaries (e.g. power supplies & dimmer switches) and luminaires that are connected to the mains or that are battery powered; and have a primary function of illumination.

These standards specify various emissions and immunity test to be carried out on the product either through radiated means or by conduction along the signal or power supply cables.  In particular, EN55015 calls for magnetic field emissions and insertion loss measurements on certain types of devices.

The test requirements of these standards include conducted RF emissions, insertion loss measurements, magnetic field and electric field emissions, radiated immunity, conducted RF and transient type immunity tests on power and signal cables as well as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

Examples of equipment that fall into the requirements of EN55015 & EN61547 are:

  • Energy Saving Bulbs
  • Lighting Ballasts
  • Lighting Converters
  • Fluorescent Tube Starting Devices
  • Dimmer switches
  • Light Fittings with active components (such as fluorescent fittings)

Lighting technology is advancing at impressive rate with control being enhanced by the use of radio control technology being employed in the host product. However, with the inclusion of radio technology, requires the essential requirements of the RTTE directive to be satisfied in addition to the intrinsic product compliance requirements. Many radio technologies are being used as a control transport including Bluetooth and ZigBee. TRaC has a comprehensive range of services and can offer Qualification Testing for ZigBee as well as all of the appropriate regulatory requirements for these and traditional radio technologies.