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EMC Testing for Aerospace

The aerospace market is very competitive, dynamic and growing on a global scale.

The aerospace market could be asked to meet a variety of different EMC test standards from the Airbus ABD0100 series, Boeing D6-16050 series and RTCA DO-160 for civil aircraft requirements.

TRaC Aerospace EMC testing Services can help manufactures decide which environmental test categories are applicable to the equipment submitted for test, including the applicable revision number of the test procedure to be used. In some cases, the manufacturer may wish to qualify the equipment to more than one EMC test category for a particular environmental test. 

We offer aerospace EMC Testing Services to the following standards

Military Aircraft EMC DEF-STD 59-411 DEF-STD 59-41 MIL-STD-461 series MIL STD 704 series
Civil Aviation RTCA/DO-160 series EUROCAE/ED-14 series European Union version of RTCA/DO-160 Boeing D6-16050 Airbus ABD0100 series

We can also provide:

EMC Test Equipment Accessories

  • Fibre optic CAN bus link
  • USB data fibre optic Link
  • Fibre Optic telephone links
  • GPS chamber re-radiator

Our EMC test chambers include full fume and heat extraction facilities for complete harsh product testing.