EMC Heavy Vehicle Semi-Anechoic Chamber

The new Heavy Vehicle Semi Anechoic Chamber (HVSAC) has the added advantage of being dimensionally larger, with bigger access doors than most existing commercially available HVSAC chambers.

The bespoke RAM configuration has been computer modeled so as not impede the 18m x 14m large working volume. This is of considerable advantage for whole vehicle testing with antenna spacing requirement. The large 5m access door allows products including agricultural vehicles, buses, military ‘force protection’ vehicles such as Mastiff and Husky and large CNC machine tools to be tested in a RF dampened controlled environment.

Multiple video and audio feeds are presented on configurable flat panel monitors within the large customer area, which is equipped with ample desk space and configurable penetration panels to accept bespoke test and monitoring equipment.

The chamber has a 70 ton floor loading with full fume extraction facilities and is also equipped with fibre-optic CANBUS relay and re-radiating GPS system. TRaC can meet or exceed all relevant test  limits for DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461E/F (excluding RS105).

A hydraulically powered rolling road system is available for four wheeled vehicle testing which allows all vehicle wheels to turn synchronously in order to present the conditions necessary for correct function of anti-skid, ABS and traction control systems which rely on wheel speed comparison to operate correctly.