CE Marking and Testing

CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark enabling you to enjoy free movement between all 28 Member states.

TRaC is able to help companies towards placing CE Marks on their electrical products by providing EMC Testing, Safety Testing and Explosive Atmosphere Testing for manufacturers of defence, automotive, medical EMC and general electrical products.

The CE Mark is mandatory for a wide variety of products including all electrical / electronic devices. It allows manufacturers to import and export their products freely within the European Union with common product design and manufacturing requirements defined within EU Directives. By placing the CE Mark on your product, you are providing a clear indication that it meets the requirements of relevant CE Marking directives and therefore should not be stopped at Member State borders, and should enjoy free movement between all 28 Member states listed below.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Achieving CE compliance can be a complex process because of the requirements of individual directives - and particularly when combinations of directives apply simultaneously. As a Notified Body for the key EU product safety and communications directives, including EMC, Low Voltage (LVD), radio (RTTE/RED), telecommunications (RTTE), explosive atmospheres (ATEX) and machinery (MSD), TRaC is the ideal partner to support and test your products so that you can gain CE Marking on your electrical devices.