Acoustic Testing

TRaC is the ideal partner to assist manufacturers with Acoustic Testing and certification.

We are UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, a Telecommunications Certification Body for the US and a Certification Assessment Body for Japan. TRaC has accreditations with ICASA (South Africa) and Telepermit (New Zealand), and our Telecommunications test reports are accepted around the globe, allowing easy access to alternative markets in addition to Europe.

We provide a range of acoustic performance tests to cover global regulatory equipment and bespoke testing for voice quality. TRaC has a test and measurement solution that includes a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) and a fully anechoic chamber so we can perform Acoustic Performance and Voice Quality assessments on your DECT, VoIP and GSM products, in addition to hands-free equipment (conference telephones), modern handsets, head-worn headsets and in-ear headsets.

The typical acoustic tests we provide are as follows:

  • Send Loudness Rating (SLR)
  • Receive Loudness Rating (RLR)
  • Sidetone Masking Rating (STMR)
  • Distortion Testing
  • Noise Testing
  • Acoustic Shock Testing

Regulatory Testing

TRaC offers a wide range of regulatory testing services for acoustic performance and can assist manufacturers of Telecommunication products with services for the following countries:

  • Europe
  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

The standards for regulatory acoustic performance we commonly test to are as follows:

  • 47CFR Part 68 Clauses 68.316 & 68.317 + CS-03 Part 5
  • AS/CA S004
  • PTC 200
  • PTC 220
  • DPT-TE-001
  • DPT-SWS-001

Conformance Testing

Our conformance tests are aimed at the end user and include noise emission testing and voice quality against standards such as ITU-T P.862 and ITU-T P.800. Noise emission is seen as a highly important area to address as noise at work regulations and Health & Safety are becoming more of an issue.

TRaC can offer conformance testing to the following standards:

  • TBR 10
  • TBR 38
  • BS6317
  • TIA/EIA 810A and 810B
  • ISO 7779
  • EN300 753 v1.2.1

To learn more about how our Telecoms Testing and approvals can add value to your design and testing, email your specification and requirements to, enter your details into the blue form or call us on the number in the top right corner of this page.