Certification & Marks

Certification mark is evidence that a company's products meet the specific standards required for the use of the certification mark, or that there is ongoing factory inspection.

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The IECEE CB scheme is an international system applying to the safety of electrical and electronic products so that they can readily access and be accepted in international markets.
CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark requirement for all products offered for sale within the European Economic Area (EEA) covering the European Union (EU).
The process of FCC (North America) Approval.
The UL and MET marks both indicate that the product has met the minimum requirements of the applicable [USA] safety standards.
TRaC has been appointed as a Telecoms Certification Body (TCB) for the US and so is able to certify telecoms products to allow placement on the market.


TRaC's Radio division has been appointed as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for Japan and so is able to certify telecoms and radio products to allow placement on the Japanese market.
Manufacturers of equipment designed for operation in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres can simplify the process of marketing their products internationally, by using the TRaC’s Test Laboratory and Certification Body services.
TRaC Global is Europe's Leading ZigBee testing and certification centre and the only validated ZLL (ZigBee Light Link) test house in the world.
TRaC Certification is a Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF) and is recognised by the Bluetooth SIG to perform Qualification testing to the V2.1 + EDR of the Bluetooth standard, with version 3.0 + HS soon to be added.
TRaC has an established product certification mark - the 'TRaC Certification Mark'.