Zig Fest 2015

After the very exciting news earlier in the year of TRaC winning the development contract of the ZigBee test tool, the ZigBee Alliance has chosen us to host the next 2015 Zig Fest.

This fantastic multidisciplined test event is going to run from the 22nd to 26th June and will cover key activities towards the new ZigBee 3.0 standards, as well as other ZigBee standards. TRaC will be assisting ZigBee manufacturers to drive ZigBee standards for future certifications, and the aim of Zig Fest is to promote the ratification of the standard(s) that will be used for future formal certifications.

The ZigBee Alliance holds regular Zig Fests to bring together industry-leading members and professionals who are contributing to technical changes to standards or new standards to be adopted. Zig Fests help grow ZigBee as a technology and allow members to suggest what these updates will be based on and discuss the development of their specific devices. It also allows members to test their devices against other members’ devices to ensure that the main object of interoperability is carried forward as ZigBee evolves and expands.

Attendees of this event will be treated to a special underwater extravaganza at ‘The Deep’, Hull's beautiful aquarium with over 3,000 underwater creatures.


June 2015