New ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) is getting closer

There are important changes to the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) applicable to equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The removal of the previous version of the ATEX directive (94/9/EC) from the Official Journal of the European Communities is getting closer.

As of 20th April 2016, use of ATEX directive (94/9/EC) for compliance under the European CE marking regulations will no longer be valid. In its place comes ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) which was released on 29th March 2014.

This directive has some significant administrative changes to its predecessor including:

  • Renaming of EC Type Examination Certificate to EU Type Examination Certificate
  • Renaming of all EC Declaration of Conformity documents to EU Declaration of Conformity with the added requirement to keep these continuously updated
  • A new list of formal administrative requirements relating to CE mark, Declarations and markings to improve traceability
  • Formal accreditation of all Notified Bodies
  • No variation to certificates issued under 94/9/EC after April 2016.



May 2014