Do you need help navigating the complex testing requirements of the maritime environment?

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The maritime environment is a harsh one. With the possibility of high displacement shocks and huge radio frequency (RF) fields from Radar systems and high-power communications systems, systems have to be tough to survive.

Element can help you build a product that is designed to last. From the initial design stage, we work closely with naval and marine manufacturers to provide support throughout the unique, and often highly complex, maritime testing and qualification journey.

Did you know that, as part of its maritime offering, Element provides:

  • An alternative method to the traditional Deck Shock test
  • High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) testing capability

Our alternative method to the traditional Deck Shock test is a combination of differing physical testing methods. We can also offer simulation as a full stand-alone method or combined with physical test. Meanwhile, our HIRF testing capability allows us to generate RF fields in excess of 10,000V/m.

We add value to your design and testing process, ensuring you take the most cost and time effective approach to meet all the safety and performance standards required. To learn more about our testing and validation services for naval and marine products, click here and enter your details or visit us at DPRTE.