Deadline date looms large for Bluetooth, WLAN and ZigBee

The deadline for upgrading your compliance is looming on the horizon.

On the 31st December 2014 EN300328v1.7.1 will cease to provide presumption of conformity for your 2.4GHz Short Range Devices; Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and ZigBee all fall under this category. Such equipment will be required to meet with the requirements of EN300328v1.8.1, the measurement procedure of which mandate that a re-test is required. TRaC are UKAS accredited to test to the latest version of the standard.

If you are using a pre-approved CE marked radio module in your end product then you will need to check that the module manufacturer has updated their compliance and up-issued their Declaration of Conformity (DoC). It is generally prudent to request a copy of their radio test report, as well as their DoC, to include in your Technical File.

With the recent publication of the R&TTE Directive Official Journal it’s a good opportunity to review your existing Declaration of Conformity to ensure you are covering current standards. Your DoC should cover:

    • Article 3.1a – RF Exposure
    • Article 3.1a – Electrical Safety
    • Article 3.1b – EMC (Primary product) and EMC for Radio (EN301489-x)
    • Article 3.2   – RF Performance.

If your DoC is out of date TRaC can provide guidance on the current requirements and also provide services to ascertain if the change in the standard requires additional testing to enable you to bring your DoC up to date.



September 2014