Are you ready for RED?

With four months to go until the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) comes into force, manufacturers of radio equipment need to be gearing up for the changes that will accompany it. Check out our overview of the changes and what manufacturers will have to consider.

1. Important dates:

The new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU) was formally published on 11/06/2014 and will replace the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive (1999/5/EC) from 13 June 2016. On this date, new radio equipment should meet with the requirements of RED. There will be a 12 month transitional period until the 13thJune 2017, during which manufacturers should note that either R&TTED or RED can be used, but thereafter RED must be applied. 

2. Included in RED are:

  • Radio receivers
  • Broadcast sound and TV receive-only equipment
  • Equipment below 9 kHz
  • Radio determination equipment

 Not included in RED is:

  • Telecom terminal equipment

This will in future be covered by the LVD/EMC Directive.

3. Traceability & Market Surveillance:

Manufacturers, their authorised representatives, importers and distributors are all responsible for ensuring that products placed on the market are compliant and CE Marked in accordance with RED.

There are revised labelling requirements across the NLF Directives; the manufacturer or their authorised representative and the importer (where applicable) are required to place their name and the postal address at which they can be contacted on the radio equipment, on its packaging, or in a document accompanying the equipment.

4. CE Marking:

CE Marking is still achieved through application of harmonised standards where available, and where not, through an EU type examination process which is similar to a Notified Body review under the R&TTE Directive.

5. Manufacturers’ Actions:

Manufacturers with products in the market will need to periodically review the Official Journal to ensure that the harmonised standard they are currently using to provide a presumption of conformity have not been superseded to include additional (receiver) requirements.

Manufacturers, in particular those with radio equipment currently CE Marked against R&TTE, will need to make sure that labelling and technical files are updated and Declarations of Conformity are re-written in line with RED requirements. These declarations need to be provided to the end user and translated into the official languages of the countries in which the product is offered for sale.

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February 2016